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Blossom Trees Nursery – Forest Sessions



    The underlying principles of the forest schools make them exciting and valuable. It's important to look beyond merely the physical skills to the holistic development of children. During forest sessions children participate in engaging and motivating  tasks through which they develop personal, social and emotional skills. It is when children are comfortable, relaxed AND having fun  that  the best learning takes place. A Forest school approach allows for  ‘accelerated learning' to take place. Children learn to make decisions and take risks within a safe, familiar environment which they visit on a regular basis over an extended period of time.


The site that we presently use is situated in the heart of Staveley and within a short 15 minute walk from the nursery at the children's pace. The land is part of the local Primary School where they also hold their sessions.


 The forest is on an outcrop of trees which provides its own boundaries. The  nursery age children learn the boundaries of play from the beginning of the sessions. Within the forest there is an established fire circle which is used only once the leader is happy the children attending the sessions have understood the rules regarding where it is safe to go. From there we use the area to make snacks – hot chocolate and popcorn and hotdogs for example.


There are also established areas named by the children; ‘ The Jungle’  which is a chopped down tree with lots of branches  - great fun for climbing and  playing ‘Hide and Seek’; an area for building dens ; a ‘Crocodile Log’ which has been created by the  local tree surgeon –great for climbing and balancing skills. . We play lots of games such as treasure hunts, den making, trail finding,. Being in a natural environment allows us to bring a wealth of imaginative and open ended play and experience to all our children. "Like a camping trip every week!"

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