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Tel:01539 822400


Open 50 weeks per year


Closed for 2 weeks over the Christmas period and bank holidays


Opening hours: 8:00 - 5:30



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At Blossom Trees Nursery our main aim is to provide outstanding care for your child, making sure that the time they spend with us is fun, while providing them with all they need to learn and grow. We want the very best for our children, right from their very first learning experiences . By nurturing our babies and children, focusing on their individual needs and listening to our parents, we can give all our children the opportunity to blossom. 


* "Activities and provision available for all areas of learning and development both indoors and outdoors are stimulating and challenging for all ages."


* "Relationships with childrens key persons/staff members are warm and loving and foster a sense of belonging. The staff are sensitive and responsive to the child's needs, feelings and interests. The children are confident and independant learners due to positive relationships between adults and children" (Rachel Ramsbottom Early Years Educational Advisor for Cumbria CC)


 We recently sent a questionaire to all our parents to find out what they thought of our Nursery. The comments were very positive. Here are some of them:


* "The staff are so warm, welcoming and caring." 

* "The Forest sessions are great! All three of mine have loved them"

* " Thank you, I feel you do a wonderful job. I always feel happy leaving my children with you".

A few pictures from recent activities / adventures at Blossom Trees!

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